Regenerative Skills is a new show that brings interaction, problem solving, and community into the podcast world. After four seasons of making the Abundant Edge podcast, which was based around interviewing leaders and innovators in the regenerative fields, I was left wanting more. Just like before, Regenerative Skills is based on the pursuit of a regenerative life. A lifestyle centered on stewardship of the natural world, strong connections to community, and the daily habits that bring us closer to those goals. What’s new however, is that there are so many ways to accelerate your learning and share your own journey through the community. Here we’re supporting one another through technical advice, story telling, emotional help, and much more. I’m so glad you’re here!

More with less

The damaged state of our planet’s ecologies require us to manage our resources more carefully and always with the intention to replenish the ones we use. Sustainability is an obsolete aspiration. Only through regeneration and restoration can we hope to achieve the our full potential. 


The good news

Luckily the solutions and technologies we need to regenerate our surroundings already exist. Most of them are accessible and affordable. We can leverage both ancient knowledge and modern discoveries to dramatically change the way we interact with nature to become stewards and caretakers rather than destroyers. 

Through collaboration and reconnection we all can play an important part as members of the “Regeneration.” This is a group that anyone can join and is not defined by age, background or economic status. It is a name for the first generation of humans who, en masse, have decided to take an active role in regenerating our Earth. This can be through lifestyle choices, work, political action, environmental stewardship, teaching others, or any of a myriad of other ways to make an impact towards positive change. If you’re looking to take control of your future by learning the REGENERATIVE SKILLS needed for the life you know you’re capable of, then you’ve come to the right place!


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For a limited number of dedicated listeners, Oliver is now offering monthly discounted consulting sessions at a special price. Take advantage of Oliver’s years of experience and knowledge from working on regenerative projects around the world. Nothing compares to one-on-one attention from a professional. Sign up before the openings fill!


Oliver Goshey is a designer, educator, and consultant for regenerative social and land based projects. 

After studying as a marine engineer and working mostly in trades such as commercial shipping, trail building, construction, and farming, around the world, Oliver has built a unique and wide perspective implementing projects and managing complex systems as a practitioner on the ground. 

Struggling to justify his participation in destructive and extractive industries, Oliver quickly shifted his focus to land stewardship and rebuilding community connections. Since then he’s applied his unique experiences from 15 years of travel to helping clients and organizations to design and build natural healthy homes, develop businesses for social equity, and restore healthy native landscapes. 

As a teacher Oliver is passionate about involving people from all backgrounds, skill levels, and experience to actively participate in the regeneration of the living world. We believe that everyone has unique abilities and perspectives that can form an essential part of creating a paradise here on Earth.

The Regenerative Skills Podcast is Oliver’s effort to create a larger and more engaged community around regenerative living by making the most cutting edge knowledge and techniques accessible to everyone.