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Regenerative living

Creating a healthy ecosystem within through holistic nutrition with Breanne Gibson of Circular Nutrition: 049


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Wow! Here we are on the last episode of season 1 and I have a really valuable interview for all of you to wrap up the season. Over the last year we’ve talked so much about the regeneration of landscapes and ecosystems through permaculture as well as natural building techniques and materials, but to end on a bit of a different note, I spoke with Breanne Gibson, founder of Circular Nutrition to talk about some unexpected ways to apply holistic design and living practices to our own lives. Breanne is a leading holistic nutritionist, live food expert, and permaculture practitioner who talks to us about cultivating a regenerative ecosystem within ourselves through healthy eating and lifestyle choices. She dives in deep into the controversial topics of GMO foods, fad diets, and digestive issue treatment. Breanne even gives me a mini consultation in which we go over my own history of digestive illness and discuss how antibiotics, parasites, and diet can contribute to gut disbiosis and some ways to get back to optimum health. I can only imagine how many comments and discussions that these topics will spark, just for how personal everyone’s opinions about health and nutrition are these days.

The truth is, I’ve really become fascinated by all of the ways that permaculture design and regenerative project management can be applied to other areas of life besides the more commonly associated land based renewal projects, and you can look forward to hearing a lot more about those topics when season two begins on February 2, of 2018. But don’t forget to keep listening to our little in-between episodes where I’ll give some early enrollment information for our upcoming regenerative homesteading apprenticeship, the 2018 workshop schedule and information on how to get your questions answered by our panel of experts all coming up in season two so stick around after the interview to hear more about that.

This is another information dense interview so you might want to grab your notebooks for this one

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