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The incredible potential of aquaponics with Dr Wayne Dorband: 081


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I have many heroes in the regenerative economy and my guest today certainly ranks up at the top. Wayne Dorband and his online educational platform, the Ecolonomics Action Team (or EAT for short) has been putting an amazing webinar series with some of the best educators and practitioners out there for years now and Wayne himself is a great example of a successful serial entrepreneur of regenerative enterprises. Above all though, I reached out to Wayne to get his expert opinion on aquaponics and aquaculture systems.

In this interview Wayne uses examples from his own commercial aquaponics system centered around a two acre pond on his land in Colorado to explain the major components and concepts behind the success of his systems. We start by defining the differences between hydroponics and aquaponics and work through the essential components of the cycles within the system. We talk nutrient cycling, trouble-shooting and how to observe a tough-to-diagnose underwater system before killing all your fish by accident. This is a really in-depth look at aquaponic systems so grab your notebook and I’ll turn things over to Wayne


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