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ecosystem regeneration

Could this be the most versatile tool for homesteads and small farms? Zach Loeks explains

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Many of you will remember my guest today from the three other interviews I’ve done with him over the years. Zack Loeks is a good friend and a maverick of many regenerative skills and knowledge. From growing up on a permaculture homestead in northern New Mexico as a kid, to farming commercially in Canada, teaching edible ecosystem design through Ecosystem U, designing and installing edible ecosystems and many more side projects, I’m always thrilled to catch up with him. 

In the past I’ve interviewed him about his previous books “ The Permaculture Market Garden” and “The Edible Ecosystem Solution” which are broad concepts and patterns brought into practical design and applications. Today however, we’re going to focus on his newest book, “The Two Wheel Tractor Handbook,” which, in contrast to the other two, is a more specific manual about the wide range of uses and applications of a versatile tool, which incorporates broad concepts and uses within it. 

We start out first by just catching up as Zach explains some of the many fascinating projects and jobs that keep him constantly busy and innovating. From there we dive into the world of two wheeled tractors and why he believes they’re one of the most useful and adaptable pieces of machinery for a wide range of contexts and enterprises. We discuss their history and innovation and the huge number of single use power tools that they can replace on a farm or homestead. We also do a side by side comparison with larger four wheeled tractors and on the other side, compare them to working solely with hand tools. Zach also breaks down the options for different attachments, personal considerations as to whether a two wheeled tractor is right for your own operation, and we even discuss the maintenance and repair considerations to make sure it doesn’t break down on you. 

Yes it’s nerdy, yes it’s super fun, and yes it’s always inspiring to hear what Zach is working on and tinkering with. 

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