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Richard Perkins helps troubleshoot your market garden


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There’s two quick things I want to mention before we get to the interview. The first is that these skills calls are a new feature of the show that I’ll be running with Climate Farmers in our ongoing effort to support and promote regenerative agriculture in Europe and are now going to be offered live every two weeks. These calls will feature interviews and presentations from experts and innovators in farming from around the world, but beyond the people we feature and the topics we cover, there are also extended listener questions and discussion sessions at the end that I won’t be publishing either on the podcast nor on our Youtube channel. The reason for this is that we’ve observed that there’s a reluctance in the farming communities to openly share mistakes and difficulties in their journeys with the public, and I completely understand that, There’s plenty of things I’ve screwed up on in this business and back when we were designing the farm back in Guatemala that I didn’t put out to the whole world. But in order for our members to feel secure in communicating honestly about the aspects of their lives and operations that they’d rather not show on social media and their own educational content, these sessions are always kept private. We also keep the attendance for the Skill Building calls capped at 25 participants per call so everyone gets a chance to share and ask questions if they want. So If you’re a farmer in Europe, regardless of whether you’re running a regenerative, an organic, or a conventional farm, we’d love to have you on a call and hear about what you’re working on or wrestling with so we can support you and connect you with others near you. We know it can be difficult, often working out in the fields alone or feeling isolated in rural areas, so come and join the Climate Farmer’s network where you’ll always be in good company. You can register to attend a live call through the links on our instagram account or on our website at climatefarmers.org

The second opportunity I want to tell you about is that Richard perkins, The speaker on today’s episode, is now offering an intimate look into how he runs his highly successful farm in a new free mini series on profitable regenerative farming which includes some great resources including a downloadable guide on how to build his roll-away nest-boxes, an editable spreadsheet download for the financial modeling of his beef enterprise, and a lot more.

The mini series is open now and is only available for a limited time. It’ll shut down on June 10th so don’t twiddle your thumbs on this one. Check out the link in the show notes for this episode and start your learning journey right away! 
Now with those announcements out of the way, lets jump into the episode 

Join the discord discussion channel to answer the weekly questions and learn new skills with the whole community



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