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Regenerative Agriculture for a better world
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regenerative agriculture


Essential tools to accelerate agricultural land regeneration, with Rhamis Kent, Co-director of the Permaculture Research Institute

My guest today is someone who has been an inspiration to me since I first began to study permaculture almost a decade ago. Rhamis Kent has been the man behind the scenes for some incredible regeneration projects around the world through his work with the Permaculture Research Institute in the […]

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renewable energy


How to save huge on your heating costs and other innovative experiments with Paul Wheaton of “Permies” and “Richsoil.com:” 003

Paul Wheaton is easily one of the biggest personalities and voices in the permaculture world today with his sites Permies and Richsoil attracting thousands of visitors daily to the articles and forums. Paul has made waves in the past with his controversial opinions and advice on energy saving methods and techniques for growing a […]