Skill Building Calls

A step by step guide to making your own microorganisms and natural fertilizers with Lorenzo Costa

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Today I’m going to give you a window into the series of Skill Exchange calls that I host regularly for the members of the Climate Farming community. The community is open to any active farmer in Europe and together we’ve co-created an online learning space for farmers to connect with one another, share ideas and knowledge, and receive support from their peers.
This series of Skill Exchange calls is part of my ongoing effort to create a free library of farmer’s presentations on tips and abilities they’ve found success with throughout the diverse farming operations that are represented in our groups. 

In today’s episode we get to hear from Lorenzo Costa, who’s been on this show once previously in an episode I recorded on his farm in the Chianti region of Italy with Zach Weiss when I visited in November of last year. Lorenzo will offer a deep dive into some of the processes and recipes he has learned, applied, and found success with from Korean Natural Farming, or KNF. 
We start out with an overview of what KNF is and how it began before jumping into tutorials on how to make your own indigenous microorganisms, DIY liquid fertilizers, and more.

This is a very technical presentation which will walk you through the each step in how to make these garden amendment and enhancement products for yourself, and since I know it can be tough to remember everything much less take notes if you’re doing something else while you listen to this, Lorenzo was kind enough to send me his presentation with all the pictures he refers to so you can reference it later when you’re mixing all this stuff up.

Check out the presentation here

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