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Could co-housing be the revolution our communites need? with Alan O’Hashi board member of the US Co-Housing Association: 111


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In our last interview in this month’s focus on regenerative communities, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alan O’Hashi, Alan is a newspaper journalist turned documentary filmmaker and screenwriter who works with groups and organizations to help them tell their stories and is also organizing an intentional creative community in Cheyenne, Wyoming. For the focus of this interview Alan speaks from his experience as a board member of the US Co-Housing Association and his time living in Silver Sage Village, a co-housing retirement community in Boulder, CO.

In this interview Alan defines co-housing communities and their myriad configurations across the country. We explore the benefits that co-housing can bring to your lifestyle regardless of how you live, as well as the challenges that it could present for people more accustomed to living alone or who are used being independent and disconnected from their communities. We also discuss where the co-housing movement is headed and how it’s growing quickly as people, especially in the United States, aspire to become more connected and reliant on their local areas.

If you live in a co-housing community, are considering moving to one, or have left one because of the challenges involved, I would love to hear from you in the comments, or directly through Now that I’m actively searching for a new home and community to invest in, co-housing is something I’m looking into closely and would love to hear about your personal experience.

I’ll turn things over now to Alan.


US Co-Housing Association

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