Building an off-grid intentional community in the Canadian wilderness with Peter Wildemann of the Zenith Project: 110


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Continuing with this month’s focus on regenerative community models I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Wildemann, co-founder of the “Zenith Project” an eco-village/intentional community in the Canadian wilderness. Peter is passionate about supporting people to live their highest purpose in the context of mutually supportive community by creating a new economic paradigm. Peter also aims to focus on connecting people in a small community setting where the most authentic relationships can be developed.

In this interview we talk about what makes it a mutually supportive intentional community, how freedom is not the same as ability, what it means to re-wild yourself, how healthy community can promote the discovery of your highest potential, and so much more. Peter also gives advice on how you can take steps to create your own intentional community and the challenges and hurdles that he’s faced along the way.

Since there are so many different configurations of communities and eco-villages around the world, I would love to hear from anyone listening to this episode who lives in a community configuration like this or who has lived in one in the past. Now that I’m essentially a free agent looking to find my home in a healthy community somewhere in the world, I’m fascinated by what elements are essential for healthy community creation and growth so please reach out to me either in the comments below or directly at


Zenith Project website

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