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The most impressive permaculturalist you’ve never heard of. Alex Kronick of Caoba Farms: 041


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I have an unusual interview for ya’ll today since I actually wont be the one conducting the interview. Instead, Neal Hegarty, one of the lead designers and team members here at Abundant Edge will be taking the reigns since he’s actually known Alex Kronick of Caoba farms in Antigua Guatemala for years and is good friends with him. Now I call Alex, the most impressive permaculturalist you’ve never heard of because he likes to keep a low profile, but to his credit, his farm and enterprises are truly impressive. He co-manages an incredibly diverse biointensive market garden within the town that also has a farm to table restaurant, farmers market and organic local goods store. Around the periferies of the farm he raises many varieties of animals, fruit trees, perrenial crops and bokashi composting. He’s raises snails and has an exoitic plant nursery and seed saving operation. It’s the most complete and functional permaculture operation that I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

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Caoba Farms

Link to the book Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth

Neal Hegarty’s Interview

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