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regenerative design

Pushing the boundaries of restoration agriculture with Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture: 050

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Welcome to the first episode in season 2 of The Abundant Edge Podcast! We have so many exciting interviews and information coming up for you in 2018 and this week’s session is a perfect example of that. Today we’re going to be speaking with Mark Shepard of New Forest farm in Viola, WI and author of Restoration Agriculture, one of the most iconic books on profitable regenerative production methods anywhere. I’ve been a big fan of Mark’s work and teachings since I first saw his farm profiled on a remarkable documentary called “inhabit” that highlights inspiring examples of permaculture around the USA. Mark is a no-nonsense advocate of farming methods and enterprises that are not only sustainable but actually restore their ecosystem and increase the carrying capacity of life around them.

In this interview Mark talks about his unique journey that brought him to conclusions about how humans should interact with nature and take care of their resources. He goes into detail about how he determines if a farm enterprise will be worth the effort and resources invested in it, and how to plan for the long term development of perennial systems while still bringing in an income. Mark also gives sound advice on how to acquire land, build equity and grow your business by navigating the capitalist system that many people in the alternative communities have written off entirely. This is a very insightful talk that may push your buttons a little if you’re not familiar with Mark’s teachings, but I urge you to keep an open mind and remember how much Mark’s results speak for themselves.


New Forest Farm

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