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Designing for abundance, biochar production and plant propagation: RRT 1


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Welcome to the first “Regenerative Round Table” with the Abundant Edge team. In this new segment we got together at the AE demonstration homestead to have one of our regular evening chats, but this time we turned the mics on and gave it a bit of structure. In this episode we talk about the design and implementation strategy for the site, the apprentice and volunteer program that we’re in the middle of, and we also answer listener questions from the facebook page about biochar production and plant propagation. This is our first time recording our discussions, so bear with us as we get a bit of a slow start in the episode, but pick up the pace and the laughs real quickly.

If you would like your own questions answered by the AE team, you can write to us on The Abundant Edge Podcast facebook page either in a message or by publishing on the wall and we’ll do our best to answer you on our monthly round table sessions.


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