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The Japanese traditions and techniques of natural plasters with Kyle Holzhueter: 089


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Those of you who’ve been listening to this podcast for a while know that I geek out big time when it comes to natural plasters and finishes. So you can imagine how excited I was to get to talk to kyle holzhueter, a certified plasterer who learned his trade and got his certification in Japan where the traditional style and techniques are surprisingly different from those that I’ve become accustomed to from the western world.

In this interview we cover those important differences which, though less flashy and aesthetic than the natural plasters you may have seen on many natural buildings, are much more workable for a longer timeframe. Kyle talks about his journey in the plastering trades in Japan, sourcing fibers for stronger finishes, the benefits of fermenting a plaster mix, and much more. Though I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about natural finishes I actually learned a ton in this interview and I know you will too, so grab a notebook and I’ll hand things over to Kyle


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