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How to regenerate damaged and polluted waterways with Tom Duncan of Aquabiofilter: 032


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I’m really excited about today’s guest. In this episode I’ll be speaking to Tom Duncan, one of the visionary leaders behind Aquabiofilter, a water cleaning and regeneration company based in Melbourne, AU. Tom has been involved in some of the most ambitious and successful watershed cleanup operations in history with major projects in China, Malaysia, and Australia that have helped to restore lakes, rivers and wildlife reserves. I became inspired by Tom’s work after seeing his webinar presentation on the Sustainable Design Masterclass with Neal Spackman and Raleigh Latham a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to share his insights with all of you.

In this interview Tom talks about how he got started in water restoration and cleanup, the biology behind how wetland plants, and specifically their root systems help to filter and absorb excessive nutrients and toxins from the water, and the ingenious floating wetlands that he helped to design based on the ancient indigenous systems that utilize natural materials to create rafts that can be farmed. Tom also discusses some of the ways that all of us can get involved and start helping to clean and manage the contamination levels in our own watershed. This is a really informative interview so for those of you as excited about the potential of regenerating damaged water systems with plants and natural materials, grab your notebooks

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