Allan Savory on managing complexity holistically: Part 2


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Welcome back to the second part of my interview with Allan Savory. If you haven’t yet heard the first part of the session you can find the link in the show notes on the website. Make sure you check that out first if you haven’t already.

Last week we covered some of Allan’s insights into where he’s putting his efforts at his stage of his career and the aspects of Holistic Management that are tough for many to grasp despite the simplicity of the practice. He also made the important distinction that management is something you practice rather than apply, and how this shift in language can precipitate a change in mindset as well.

We left off last week with Allan describing some examples of people who he’s worked with who have made quick and remarkable breakthroughs working with their holistic contexts, and we’ll pick up today with a continuation of that question.

Since I’ve come to understand just how broadly holistic management can be practiced despite its primary association with grazing animals, I’ve been keen to understand some examples of the different contexts in which people have used the framework outside of farming, so let’s jump back in.

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What is Holistic Management?



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