Regenerative living

Re-evaluating the long term. Key considerations for my context and personal vision of success.

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The mindset required to find and purchase the land and home that my partner and I are now living in is not the same mindset required to develop and invest in the long term journey of being here. This has become obvious to me as new opportunities and collaborations come up in my work life and I find myself falling into the old habits and tendencies that I’ve become used to in the previous years.

I’m now in a position in which I need to take some steps back, look at the whole that we are managing and develop a long term strategy for the more deeply connected life and career that my partner and I have talked about cultivating all along.

The constant hustle, savings, and work that helped us get established on our property is a mindset of scarcity and constant want. If we want to become integrated members of our human and natural communities and become “people of place,” I will need to invest in the relationships, co-dependence, and stewardship that very few people or institutions are capable or teaching.

In today’s episode I start by giving an update of the first few months of being moved into our new home and farm. The priority projects that we’ve taken on to get comfortable and established here as well as all the considerations and conflicting opportunities that have guided and disturbed our decisions in this short time.

Since the deeper questions of how to orient ourselves for a longer term path towards our unique definition of a quality life is one that I often hear others struggle with, I wanted to share some insights from my own process as well as the tools and resources I turn to in order to make the process more manageable.

I hope this discussion sparks a longer conversation about the deeper motivations and core values beneath the projects and work that we do on the land and in our communities.

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