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Step 1 in building your permaculture property: With Verge permaculture

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Let’s take a look at the 1st step in the process of creating a design for building your permaculture property.

In working in regenerative design for a while and being connected with many other people who make their living this way, myself and a lot of others have begun to identify patterns in the questions and troubles that people reach out to us consultants and designers for. I haven’t been in this line of work though nearly as long as the team at Verge Permaculture and so it felt really good to hear that many of the commonalities that they’ve seen from clients and students mirror my own experience. The truth is that permaculture is a very broad design philosophy that can feel overwhelming even with years of experience, especially at the beginning of a project when you’re still gathering information about your ecology and context and when you see so much potential in front of you. For this reason it can be extremely helpful to have a guide that outlines a process that can illuminate and simplify the options available to you and cut through the overwhelm. 

Throughout this season I’ll be teaming up with the members of Verge Permaculture to show you the process that they’ve outlined in their new book, Building your Permaculture Property. 

In five clear steps, their process can guide you through the minefield of choices and pitfalls while designing your project and then implementing the design. 

Step 0 inspect your paradigm

Step 1 Clarify your vision, values, and resources

Step 2 Diagnose your resources for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Step 3 Design your resources to meet your vision and values

Step 4 Implement the Right Design That Will Most Improve Your Weakest Resource

Step 5 Monitor Your Resources for Indicators of Well-being or Suffering

In today’s episode I’ll be speaking with Takota Coen of Coen Farm in Alberta Canada about Step 0 and Step 1 to start you on the process of design and implementation. 

For those of you who want to get ahead of the game and learn from more than 15 of the biggest names in Permaculture on how to transform your property, the authors Takota, Rob, and Michelle will be hosting their online summit for the release of the book from April 23-25th. The summit is completely free and you can register at mypermacultureproperty.com

So let’s get started at the beginning. Takota began our discussion by explaining the 5 common problems that he and the team at Verge repeatedly hear about which lead to the 5 step process in the book.

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