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Natural Building

The Real Cost of a Natural Building

Many of the misconceptions about the cost of natural buildings come from the large number of variables that have to be considered when planning a project. With industrial construction, detailed plans call for industrial products which usually cost roughly the same amount everywhere in the country, and in some cases, […]

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Adobe: The Tradition and Techniques of Mud Bricks

Our current culture’s desire for new and innovative ways of doing everything has created many technological and lifestyle improvements, but as a result, many perfectly good and well suited technologies have also been abandoned to the detriment of our culture and the environment. For example, modern and industrial construction techniques […]

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Interview with a natural builder: Charlie Rendall

In May of 2016 I was fortunate enough to visit Charlie Rendall at his home in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. Charlie is the owner of “Return to the Forest,” a natural building and education company that specializes in bamboo and local earthen building techniques. On a sunny Friday morning […]