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The Future of Regenerative Agriculture, expert panel 1

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Welcome to the first edition of our monthly expert panels. This first edition starts off strong by addressing one of the most talked about issues of our time; understanding the future of regenerative agriculture.

For this panel I teamed up with my friends and collaborators at Climate Farmers. Together we’re working to advance regenerative agriculture in Europe. For this panel we assembled and all-star list of some of the most prominent voices in the movement today.

  • Benedikt Bösel joining us from Germany, is the managing director of Gut&Bösel, board member of Soil Alliance, Chairman of the AgTech platform Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.
  • Richard Perkins, joining us from Sweden, is the co-owner and director of Ridgedale Permaculture and leading expert and educator on small scale regenerative agriculture
  • Patrick Worms, joining us from Belgium, is the Senior Science Policy Advisor at World Agroforestry, President of the European Agroforestry Federation, and trustee of the International Union of Agroforestry

Today we’ll be exploring the potential of regenerative agriculture. Not only to address and reverse many of the environmental problems we face around the world, but also revive local economies, improve our health, and reconnect us to the ecologies that we depend on as our natural roles as stewards of the land.

We’ll also look into some of the important actions we must take to shift the farming industry as well as identify hurdles that must be overcome. Lastly we’ll dive into how all of us listening can take part in this transition to a regenerative farming future.

Don’t forget that these podcasts are just the beginning. The discussion continues on our dedicated Discord server.

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  1. MARK CHARLTON on February 26, 2021

    Excellent interview, as always Oliver! I particularly liked the point about dropping a future vision and getting involved right now in making the best next step and the bridge. I resonate with that as a more empowering approach, and those will who also find visioning a challenge. Great trio of highly skilled informed people who made for a fantastic debate. Richard is right – regenerative agriculture is going nowhere from mainstream debates. I certainly see the massive changes in England towards land-based work, finally having shaken off the peasant or war time shackles that the work has been so burdened with. Keep up the good work!

    • Oliver on February 27, 2021

      Thanks so much for your continued support Mark. I really appreciate your encouragement and ideas as this new season takes shape. I’ll see you on another panel discussion in the future!

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