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Working with water on the frontline of European desertification

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If you’ve been following the episodes so far this season, you know I’ve got a lot of projects and travels going on right now. Since the episode I recorded in Nicaragua, I’ve also been on a project on the island of Madeira and just two days ago I got back from a 9 day trip to Portugal. Though I haven’t been able to record everything like a diary the way I would have liked to, today I did get a chance to sit down with Nick Steiner who was with me every step of the way during the tour around three of our favorite farms around the Alentejo region.

To keep things short, we start by talking about the activities we were involved with and the farm visits with the Climate Farmers team. Then we go into more detail about the enterprises as well as the management techniques and experiments that each of them are implementing and having stunning results with, and then, since it wouldn’t be an episode with me and Nick if we didn’t geek out about water management, we talk about the opportunities we observed from the different farms on how to hold and store water better, and what implications this could have for the fertility and production on each of their landscapes. 

I know that this will be only one of many visits we make to Portugal, especially given the requests and interest we’ve been getting from other farmers in the region to help with water scarcity issues. In future episodes, Nick and I will start to move from the larger overview talks like today, and go into more detail on the causes and effects of broken water cycles, the range of techniques available for specific contexts, and actual tutorials and classes where you can transform your land into a water retention landscape.

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