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Applying permaculture to your life and social interactions with Isabelle Fortier of EgoEco: 055


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I’ve become really passionate about finding unconventional applications for permaculture design principles and today is a perfect example of someone who is exploring the ways that permaculture can be used to create stronger social and interpersonal structures. Isabelle Fortier is the founder of egoeco.ca whose mission is to inspire people to move towards a higher sense of well-being, to live differently and more in line with their values, all the while contributing to the development of an ecologically responsible society. For nearly 10 years, Isabelle acted as a spiritual life and community involvement facilitator at a CEGEP where she offered several training programs related to relationship counseling, stress management, conflict management, bereavement and intercultural relations.
In this interview Isabella talks about the internal changes that we need to make before we can be effective change makers out in the world through a combination of both personal work and group work in ecologically minded communities. Now since my good friend and colleague, Neal Hegarty, had just finished taking Isabella’s three-day course on social permaculture, I gave the mic over to him to conduct the interview. So here’s Neal and Isabelle in our first on a series of alternative applications for permaculture. Hope you are as inspired by these concepts as I am.



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