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Natural regenerative housing for veterans with Ted Brinegar of Foxhole homes: 054


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Today’s guest, Ted Brinegar, is pushing the boundaries of natural and regenerative low-cost housing with his non-profit organization called “foxhole homes.” These earthship-inspired homes are designed to serve the needs of homeless veterans, but also to help redefine what kind of lifestyle that’s possible on a very limited income. Foxhole homes are designed to be entirely off grid and to produce much of their own food too.

In this interview Ted explains the inspiration behind the holistically regenerative design of the structures, with a whole slew of low cost appropriate technology working to make the most of every resource and bit of energy as well. We get into how they keep costs down by salvaging and recycling materials, and we talk about the larger vision for complete communities in the future as well.

Ted is a very inspiring speaker who unloads a ton of practical information in this session so grab your notebooks and let’s dive in


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