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Solving climate change in your yard with Ginny Stibolt, co-author of “Climate-Wise Landscaping: 67

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Climate Wise Landscaping

Climate change is becoming a major disruptor of ecosystems all across the planet with disastrous effects in many cases. For that reason, I spoke with Ginny Stibolt, co-author of the book “Climate-Wise Landscaping” to learn more about how we can transition our lawn centric and synthetic chemical heavy landscape maintenance practices into beautiful ecosystems that help to address the issues of climate change.

In this episode, Ginny talks in depth about alternatives to lawns and how adding native species can bring beauty and health to your yard while sequestering carbon in the soil and attracting wildlife too. We talk about reducing the heat island effect in cities by planting appropriate trees and creating water permeable surfaces to reduce runoff. We also investigate options for growing food, cutting down on maintenance and much more. We cover a lot in this short session so grab your notebooks and I’ll turn things over to Ginny.



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    • Oliver on February 27, 2020

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m so glad you liked it. I got so much out of speaking with Ginny too. I highly recommend the book as well

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