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Joel Salatin like you’ve never heard him before, on his new book “Your Successful Farm Business:” 043


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Most of you will already be familiar with the name Joel Salatin and his immense and incredible work with Polyface farm and all of his books, but you’ve probably never thought of him primarily as a businessman. In this episode we get to talk to Joel about his new book “Your Successful Farm Business” which he describes as a graduate level resource for anyone aspiring to make a living in a regenerative land based enterprise. This book is heavy on the entrepreneurial side of farming and covers everything from direct marketing to maximizing the efficiency of your operations. Joel also talks a lot about how his own farm has changed over time to accommodate new demands and trends in the market and how his designs and strategies have morphed to meet the new new food economy. This is a really information heavy interview so you’ll likely want to have a notebook on hand for this one. I would also love to hear from you if you have any stories from your own farming business to share with the community. Enjoy!

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