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Closing the loop on gourmet mushroom production

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I’ve been making some really cool contacts here in Catalunya recently, and even though site visits and trips out to projects have been stalled as the country only slowly starts to open up, I’ve been jumping at any chance to get back out in the field. 

One of the projects that I’ve been most excited to get back to see since my first visit back in December is the farm at Mas Rajols and the gourmet mushroom growing operation that it hosts called Mycelio. 

I first got invited to come to see them by my friend Sven Kallen who works with the European Commission’s Life Terra initiative and is the founder of Volterra, both of which are strongly involved with tree planting projects around the continent. Back then they were still just getting set up, but on this second visit just a couple weeks ago, I got to see just how far the operation has come in its development and in the setup of their production facilities. I’ve been blown away by just how well thought out the whole project is. They turn waste products from the leavings of the timber industry into multiple high value products and integrate them with the existing beef cattle operation on the farm that they collaborate with. In the interview in today’s session I got to sit down with Tomas Viguurs the product manager of Mycelio and Jason Statham lookalike (that’s a joke, but check out his picture on our Instagram and you’ll see what I mean), to talk about all of the motivations and processes that they’ve connected to create a high value, gourmet product that also gives back to their environment and local community. So let’s jump right into things and I’ll let Tomas introduce himself. 

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