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Greame Sait connects the dots from soil to human health: Part 1


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I’ve been working on a very special project with Climate Farmers for the last few months and I’m proud to say we’re finally ready to announce our new Pioneer Program for farmers in Europe. For this round we’ve partnered with a long time hero of mine, Darren Doherty and his Regrarian’s platform, to bring the most complete regenerative farm training program together with our unique Carbon+ credits for transition finance assistance. 

The Regrarian’s online program is built around their expanded scale of permanence through which you’ll learn essential elements of Holistic Management, Keyline Design, farm infrastructure development, soil health, business and finances, and so much more. All of this will be accompanied by access to some of the biggest names in regenerative agriculture around the world through our Skill Exchange calls, Expert Panel Discussions, and a chance to get dedicated attention from some of the best ag consultants in your region, as well as guidance through the application process to the Carbon+ credits. Along the way I’ll be leading weekly coaching calls for the whole group, and you’ll be able to interact and ask questions to your peers and the whole regrarians network with access to their Workplace community. All of this amounts to the most thorough and robust program to guide you on your journey to profitable regenerative farming. Whether this is your first introduction into agriculture, or you’re a seasoned veteran who’s been growing for decades, whether you’re only planning a small farm or you’re managing thousands of hectares, you’ll find everything here that you need to make the journey as smoothly and confidently as possible. 

Applications will only be reviewed until the 5th of November and there is a limit to how many people we can accept into the program, so don’t hesitate. Even if you’re not farming right now I’ll bet you know someone who could benefit immensely from this kind of guidance and training. For more information on how to apply to become a Pioneer farmer you can follow the link in the show notes or go directly to ClimateFarmers.org

If you’re not farming in Europe but still want to be involved with the Regrarian’s program and work with me over the next few months, you can sign up through this link here.  

Today is going to be the start of a unique journey with a very special guest. For a long time I’ve been working to connect the pieces between ecological health, regenerative methods of farming, and the health of the human body.

Though many of you will find the connection between those three elements very intuitive, I’ve worked to find experts and practitioners who’ve illuminated some essential pieces of that puzzle. Up until now most of the discussions on this show have focused on just one of those elements at a time, but today we’ll begin with the first episode of a three part series with Graeme Sait who has made it his life’s work to marry these disciplines and train farmers, health care professionals, and ecologists around the world in the importance of caring for our bodies and our ecologies as a single organism that requires all of the pieces to be in place for optimal function. 

Graeme Sait is the internationally acclaimed author and educator who co-founded Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) and Nutrition Matters as well as hosting the Nutrition Farming Podcast . He has written hundreds of published articles and the popular book “Nutrition Rules!”. Graeme has formulated many of the soil health and human health products for which NTS are renowned and he has developed all of the nutrition programs that are the keystones of their proactive management approach. Greame also owns Nutrition Farm which comprises two distinctly different properties dedicated to the production of nutrient-dense, chemical-free food with forgotten flavors and enhanced medicinal qualities.

One of these farms is based in a sub tropical zone on the Sunshine coast in Queensland, AU while the other is situated in the coldest region of Queensland, near Stanthorpe. This allows them to demonstrate Nutrition Farming principles in both tropical and temperate regions.

Because our conversation turned into a marathon of learning, I decided to release it in three parts which will make it easier to process and find which parts to go back to in order to review some of the information later. Over these next three sessions we’ll cover a wide range of topics starting with how our land, food, and health have become so degraded and devoid of nutrients, and we’ll explore a variety of solutions to this problem through soil health restoration, remineralisation, proper diet and preventative healthcare, and a whole lot more. 

In this first of the three sessions, Greame reveals the incredible personal story of how he came to dedicate his life to the health of people and the earth and how it led him down a path that became the companies and work that he’s famous for today. From there we quickly dive into the issues facing the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, different soil testing devices that anyone can use to quickly assess the health of the microbiome in the ground, and how the work of those microorganisms can release essential minerals like silica into plant-available forms. 

Greame has an incredible wealth of knowledge and you’ll quickly see why I chose to break this interview into parts because every snippet contains enough information for a show by itself. 

With that said I’ll hand things over to Greame. 

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