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How to Make biochar enriched compost for epic veggies

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It’s time we take a look at How To Make Biochar Enriched Compost For Epic Veggies.

A lot of what I spend my time on these days, between working with Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Climate Farmers, and running this show, is researching techniques and solutions for people who are working to regenerate damaged landscapes, either for generally healthier environments or for rich and abundant farmland.

Since a lot of both of these goals revolve around the health of the soil as a foundation for mycorrhizal and plant life, I continually come back to the power and potential of pyrolyzed carbon, more commonly known as biochar.

There are tons of examples of people making this remarkably simple product all around the world and using it to restore health to poor and degraded soils, but since I’ve been here in northeastern Spain for a while now, I wanted to hear from someone nearby whose worked biochar into a profitable and ecological business.

Meet Christer Söderberg, the gentleman behind Circle Carbon Labs on the island of Mallorca.

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