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Ivo Degn And Philippe Birker On The Climate Farmers Journey And Mission: Part 2


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This episode is the second part in our interview with the cofounders of Climate Farmers, an organization I’ve been working with for almost a year now that is working to build the infrastructure for regenerative agriculture in Europe. In the first part of the interview from last week we’ve covered the challenges of modern farming in Europe and the niche that Climate Farmers is hoping to occupy in the transition to a regenerative agriculture future in Europe. We talked about our own strategy of focusing on direct support for farmers through the different projects and departments within the organisation from the ever growing academy making quality educational resources easy to find, to the remote sensing team helping to gather data and metrics on the improvement of the soil and other ecosystem services as these farms transition to regenerative methods. 

To wrap up the conversation we’re going to go back to the beginning and recap the crazy turn of events that got us to where we are less than a year from launching. You’ll get to hear how this small agtech startup has gone from a loose idea to attracting collaboration and support from industries and farmers alike. 

The journey is certainly not over, in fact the really challenging parts are still ahead. If you haven’t yet heard the first part of this interview I’ll encourage you to go back and have a listen because it’ll give a lot more context to the wild story that’s about to come. So let’s check back in with Ivo Degn and Philippe Birker to see how this all started. 

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