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Ivo Degn and Philippe Birker on the Climate Farmers journey and mission: Part 1


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If you’ve been listening to more than a few episodes this season, you’ll certainly have heard me mention a few times that I’ve been hosting the monthly expert panel discussions with Climate Farmers, an organisation that is working to promote regenerative agriculture in Europe. The truth is that there’s a much bigger story behind that collaboration and a whole lot more going on than just the panel discussions. 

Today I want to begin to share the story and the journey that my colleagues and I have been on for almost a year now. Until recently I’ve been a bit apprehensive to talk too much about the work I’ve been collaborating on with the team at Climate Farmers because it’s still a very new project and it’s taken us a while for us all to get clear about our direction, strategy, and path towards our goals. All of those have become much clearer in the last handful of weeks however and it’s time to unveil this ambitious project and the remarkable people that have worked together to get it off the ground. 

So today is going to be the first in a two part interview with Ivo Degn and Philippe Birker, the co-founders of Climate Farmers. In this first part, we’ll be talking about the concept of the organization, the current state of modern agriculture in Europe, and the goals that we’re working towards in order to directly assist farmers in their transition to more profitable and ecologically viable business management in a challenging and fast changing industry. Next week, in part 2, we’ll go back to the beginning and hear from both of them about the wild ride that has brought us so far in such a short time and all the brilliant people that make up the team that is making it all work, so be sure to stay tuned next week as well. 

But before we get into the bigger concepts, Let’s start by getting to know Ivo and Philippe, and the ideas that turned into this initiative. 

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