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Jill Cloutier, Scott Mann, and Oliver Goshey on the launch of the Regenerative Media Alliance


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Learn more about the Regenerative Media Alliance and our events and resources here!

I’m very excited for today’s episode, because it’s been in the works for quite a long time. 

For years I’ve been thinking about how to connect with some of the other podcasters and content producers that I’ve admired and learned from. My initial motivation after all was to contribute something to the incredible body of work being built online and made available for free. These resources are behind my own professional growth and the success of many of the projects I’ve been involved with. Eventually I wanted to take the next step and work directly with other creative producers in hopes of growing beyond each of our skill sets. 

If anyone else listening is also involved in creating online content, you can probably relate to the fact that it can be quite lonely at times. I’m lucky that I get to speak with new and fascinating people all the time, but it’s almost always over a zoom call. After the episodes go live, I receive a lot of positive feedback, often from people I’ve never met as well. And yet one of the primary motivations for doing this work is to build community around the ideas and skills that are presented on the show, and for a long time I was looking for a way to work more closely with others who are motivated by the same goals. 

About a year ago, I figured I’d reach out to a few of my heroes in the podcasting space to see if they’d be interested in creating a group to support one another to continue to improve the quality of our shows and brainstorm ways of supporting others, especially newer creative producers, to launch their own shows and channels, all with the vision of strengthening regenerative focused media.

I was amazed to get enthusiastic replies from two of the podcast hosts that had been instrumental in the formation of my own show, and from there the idea began to grow. Little by little we overcame big time differences, conflicting schedules, and the nervousness of working with people we still didn’t know too well. Gradually, our meetings became more frequent and our little concept began to take shape and grow beyond my own initial vision. 

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of the Regenerative Media Alliance. Jill Cloutier from Sustainable World Radio, Scott Mann from the Permaculture podcast, and myself. This episode is a celebration of the journey that brought us to podcast production, but also to the friendship that has grown from the development of this Alliance.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jill and Scott from their shows, let me give you a quick bio on each.

Jill offers solutions-oriented interviews with experts from around the globe; designers, environmentalists, farmers and earth activists who learn from and work with nature on her show Sustainable News Radio.  With her guest, she explores wider questions about permaculture and sustainability, encouraging listeners to appreciate the land, water, plants, and people that sustain their lives.

When not working producing Sustainable World Radio or working at her day job as the PR Director for Explore Ecology, an environmental education and arts nonprofit, you can find her in the garden, concocting herbal remedies, creating hydrosols with a funky homemade still, or dyeing clothes with natural plant dyes.

With a background in radio, broadcasting, and technology, Scott Mann started his podcast the same week he graduated from his permaculture design course back in 2010. Originally started as a way to share what he learned about permaculture with the world, the show has since transformed to focus on interviews with world renowned teachers and authors alongside regional experts and local specialists. Through this approach, he continues to push the edge of what it means to practice permaculture on the ground and beyond the landscape.

When not sitting behind the mic or in front of a monitor editing a new episode, you can find Scott at a table surrounded by friends playing games and rolling dice, in a park somewhere with a camera, or going on adventures with his family.

In this episode we’ll talk about how we came to work in environmental work through permaculture, farming, radio production and other entry points. We each discuss how our shows have evolved and what we’ve learned during this time as well as the idea for the Regenerative Media alliance and where it’s headed. 

Be sure to stick around till the end where I’ll be announcing some of the events and resources we’re preparing for regenerative media creators as well as where you can go to sign up.




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