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Unlocking your true potential in regenerative business with Pete Widin of The Epic Eco Designer: 119

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As I continue to explore the myriad options that exist for profitable regenerative work, I keep coming back to the business aspects of impact and integrity entrepreneurship. One of the people that I’ve come to rely on for professional perspectives in this sphere is Pete Widin, Founder of the Epic Eco Designer. I had the chance to catch up with him for today’s session where we explore many aspects of the personal and external challenges of finding holistic success in an ecological business.

In this interview with Pete we break down some of the challenges that we both faced in getting our design and consulting businesses off the ground and some of the most important take-aways that we learned from. Pete talks about the common challenges that he sees from the people that he coaches and stresses the importance of doing the inner work to understand how you want to grow. He also shares some tips on marketing strategies to help attract your ideal clients and reach a larger audience. As we’ll repeat a few times in this session, a lot for Pete’s advice applies to any business type and not just ecological designers and consultants so I’m sure nearly all of you will get some value out of this one


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