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today’s episode is going to be a bit unusual in that I’ll be stepping over to the other side of the microphone as my good friend and permaculture blogger Mike Vair Haley writer of the blog Permaculture Hami asked me to do an interview with him for an article. Mike is a teacher/traveler spending this year going around the world and documenting interesting sustainable designs along the way. He also writes a lot about how permaculture can be applied in unexpected ways such as in finance, government, and business. I highly recommend that you check out his blog at and I’ll also have a link to it in the show notes of this episode on the website.

Since he wanted to know more about natural building and natural materials, we sat down on my front porch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and just made a fun conversation out of it. In our little session Mike and I talk about what natural building really means, and why I’m so careful to include the full spectrum of materials and even waste stream products in the definition. We get into ways of creating a more healthy and regenerative living space with natural renovations in industrial homes and I end up geeking out about everything from the intricacies of regenerative ecological design, some common myths and misconceptions about natural building, and even some really simple and actionable steps to making and applying your own clay based plaster in your home. Now normally I give more of an introduction and background for my guests but since I’ve already introduced myself and talked about my own history back in episode 1 of this show, I’ll spare you all the repetition and anyone who’s interested can always have a listen to the abundant edge intro episode. So here’s me and Mike Vair Haley talking natural building

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