11 Inspiring Examples to Give You Hope That the World’s Forests can be Regenerated

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After 11 interviews with experts on native reforestation, holistic orchard management, water retention landscapes, perennial crop agriculture and more, I learned a lot of new things about the state of the world’s forests and the tools and knowledge we have to regenerate them. In this special episode wrapping up the series on reforestation and agroforestry I’ll break down some of the information and statistics that will help you understand the major role that forests play in maintaining a healthy climactic balance on earth. I’ll also break down how both past and current practices have put forests at risk all over the world and how even many well intentioned projects are causing unintended damage. By the end I’ll replay a few of the key insights from the experts that I interviewed in this series that will give you hope that we already have successful examples of effective native forest restoration and management to help to carve out a new future for these crucial ecologies moving forward. I also highly recommend taking the time to listen to the full interviews with Jairo Rodriguez, Alex Kronick, Kristen Krash, James Potter, Pieter Van Midwoud, Peter Khan, Neal Spackman, Darren Doherty, Stefan Sobkowiak, Mark Shepard, and Shubhendu Sharma. Don’t forget to reach out if you like these kinds of episodes so I know to make more.

If you’d prefer to read all this information or even print it out, you can find the article here


Interview with Jairo Rodriguez

Interview with Alex Kronick

Interview with Kristen Krash

Interview with James Potter

Interview with Pieter Van Midwoud

Interview with Peter Khan

Interview with Neal Spackman

Interview with Darren Doherty

Interview with Stefan Sobkowiak

Interview with Mark Shepard

Interview with Shubhendu Sharma











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  1. Mario Vizcaino on February 21, 2020

    I appreciate your efforts to make clear what works and what has to be done for all to work better. I would recommend you to visit Ernst Götsch work on Syntropic Agroforestry in Brazil as on http://adam.nz/syntropy

    • Oliver on February 21, 2020

      Hey Mario, Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it. I’m aware of Syntropic Farming and am considering doing an entire series on it. If you have any links, examples or people to contact, please let me know.

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